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Andrei Sison Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth & more

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Andrei Sison
Andrei Sison, a well-known Filipino actor and model, gained recognition for his role in the movie "Dead Kids." Formerly an artist at the Sparkle GMA Artist Center, Andrei's life was tragically cut short at the age of 16 due to a car accident.
Following the heartbreaking news of Andrei Sison's passing, his family and fans have expressed their desire to pay tribute to the talented actor. In this article, we honor Andrei Sison on behalf of his numerous fans and shed light on his parents and loved ones.

Who was Andrei Sison?

Among the talented actors associated with the Sparkle GMA Artist Center, such as Zonia Ysabel Mejia, Kyline Alcantara, Sofia Pablo, Althea, and others, Andrei Sison stood out. Unfortunately, he recently lost his life in a car accident. The Sparkle GMA Artist Center released a tribute post in his honor, stating, "Sparkle GMA Artist Center sadly announces the passing of one of its teen artists, Andrei Sison, due to a car accident early this morning."
We extend our deepest condolences to Andrei's family and loved ones. During this time of profound loss, we kindly request that everyone respects their privacy and joins us in prayer for his soul's eternal repose.
Andrei was a cherished and valued member of the Sparkle family. Andrei, you will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, dear Andrei, in the embrace of God.

BioData Overview

Name Miguel Andrei Sison
Date of Birth October 9, 2006
Place of Birth Manila, Philippines
Age 16 years old (at the time of passing)
Date of Passing March 24, 2023
Nationality Filipino
Ethnicity Asian-Chinese descent
Career Gifted actor in Filipino TV series and movies
Achievements Youngest artist to make a name for himself
Passions Cars and bikes (owned Triumph bike and Jeep)
Heritage Proud of his Filipino heritage
Parents Filipino father and Filipina mother
Upbringing Provided with care and opportunities to showcase his talents


Andrei Sison was born to his father, Alain (also known as Marco Salvador), and his mother, Tess Salvador. His grandfather's name was Marco Sison.
Andrei Sison's mother, a homemaker, comes from a well-known family with notable siblings such as Mina Aragon, Leroy Salvador, Chona Sandoval, Alona Alegre, Ross Rival, and Phillip Sandoval. On the other hand, Andrei Sison's father is a member of That's Entertainment.
Andrei Sison was born into a family of actors, with his uncle and grandparents also being involved in the entertainment industry.

Aspirations and Net Worth

Andrei Sison's net worth was estimated to be around $20,000, a relatively modest amount due to his limited experience in the industry. However, he possessed great ambitions of achieving significant success through his acting talent. Many believed that he had the potential to become the next superstar. Tragically, his promising life was cut short by a devastating accident.

Wikipedia Page 

If you're not satisfied with the information we provided above, you may want to consider checking out the Wikipedia Page of Andrei's profile to know more.

Unfortunately, they is currently no Wikipedia Profile Page of Andrei Sison.

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