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Nelli Tembe Biography, Early Life, Age, Personal Life and Net Worth

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Nelli Tembe

Nelli Tembe, born on October 11, 1999, was a notable figure in South Africa, recognized as a model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer.

Her connection with the renowned South African rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA, brought her considerable attention. The news of their relationship created a significant buzz and propelled Nelli Tembe into the spotlight.

Radiating youthfulness, beauty, and energy, she fearlessly exhibited her allure across various social media platforms.

Profile Data

Category Information
Full Name Anele Tembe
Stage Name Nelli Tembe
Born 11 October 1999
Age (2021)
22 years old
Place of Birth Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Nationality South African
Height 1.75 m
Parents Moses Tembe, Lulu Tembe
Siblings Nondumiso Tembe
Husband • Spouse Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner AKA
Children N/A
Occupation Media Personality
Net Worth US$300,000

Early Life

Born on October 11, 1999, Nelli Tembe was raised in Durban, a coastal city situated in eastern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Her father, Moses Tembe, and her mother, Lulu Tembe, played integral roles in her life.

Growing up, Nelli Tembe shared her journey with her older sister, Nondumiso Tembe. Nondumiso Tembe is a prominent actress within the South African entertainment realm, carving a notable presence for herself.

Personal Life

Nelli Tembe gained considerable attention when news of her involvement with the immensely popular South African rapper surfaced.

Prior to her tragic passing, she shared a romantic bond with Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, better known as AKA.

In February 2021, the couple set the internet ablaze when they disclosed their plans to elevate their relationship to the next level. Nelli Tembe and AKA openly showcased their affectionate moments on their social media platforms.

The buzz surrounding their engagement escalated after Nelli Tembe shared captivating photos of an engagement ring adorning her finger. While Nelli Tembe was not widely recognized beforehand, she garnered attention after posting a brief video clip of herself and AKA cozying up in a public restaurant in 2020.

Unfortunately, their relationship encountered difficulties along the way. Reports emerged suggesting that AKA had been violent and abusive toward her. Prior to her untimely demise, AKA revealed that Nelli Tembe had been battling depression for an extended period.


Nelli Tembe's specific profession is not clearly defined, but she made a significant impact as an influencer. AKA played a notable role in shaping her career as an influencer, contributing to her success in the field.

Cause of Death

Tragically, Nelli Tembe is reported to have passed away on April 12, 2021. It was alleged that she took her own life by jumping from a 10-story building, leaving behind a sense of shock and sadness.

The exact reasons behind Nelli Tembe's decision to end her life in such a drastic manner remain unclear. Speculations suggest that her abusive relationship may have played a role in her decision.

However, her fiancé refuted these claims, stating that Nelli Tembe had been struggling with depression even before they met. He asserted that he had done everything within his power to support her in overcoming her challenges, despite the unfortunate outcome.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Nelli Tembe's net worth is estimated at $300,000.

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